Peptide Gold Cluster Probe Au26P9 Cat. No. GC26-P9-0 Au26 0.5 mL修饰性聚乙二醇


Peptide Gold Cluster Probe Au26P9

Cat. No. GC26-P9-0 Peptide Gold Cluster Probe Au26P9           Cat. No. GC26-P9-0     Au26    0.5 mL
Specification Au26
Unit Size 0.5 mL
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Peptide gold cluster probe (Au26P9) provided by Nanocs is a cell targeting probe consisted of 26 gold (Au) atoms and 9 peptides (peptide sequence: H2N-CCYHWKHLHNTKTEL-COOH). This gold nanocluster peptide conjugate is a useful dual functional probe that can be detected by both fluorescent and mass spectrometry instruments.Au26P9 probe can target and quantify proteins on cell membrane and/or tissue sections base on its verstile peptide sequence. Proteins on cell membrance can be illuminated via intrisic fluorescence of gold clusters and be pricisely quantified by counting of Au via ICP-MS at single cell level. Gold cluster peptide probe can label many different proteins including MMPS, Integrins, EGFR, GPx-1, Cadherin and other proteins via the flexible design of pepdies conjugated to gold cluster. 

Product Specifications:

  • Form: Liquid;
  • Color: Light yellow;
  • Gold atom numbers: 26
  • Peptide sequence: H2N-CCYHWKHLHNTKTEL-COOH
  • Concentration: 400 uM;
  • Excitation: 540 nm;
  • Emission: 640 nm;
  • Formular: Au26P9;

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at 4-8 0C. Protect from light. DO NOT FREEZE.

Please note that peptide sequence and the number of Au atoms can be specifically selected and synthesized with customer request according to your unique cell or tissue analysis requirement.


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