Doxorubicin PEG DSPE Cat. No. PG2-DSDX-2k 5 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


Doxorubicin PEG DSPE

Cat. No. PG2-DSDX-2k
Unit Size 5 mg
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Similar Names: Adriacin PEG DSPE, Adriamycin PEG DSPE, Dox PEG  DSPE, 14-hydroxydaunomycin PEG DSPE

Doxorubicin PEG DSPE is one of Nanocs' bioactive phospholipid conjugates that can be used to make bioactive liposomes. Doxorubicin is a water soluble anthracyclin antibiotic used in the treatment of a wide range of cancers. Doxorubicin inhibits DNA and RNA but not protein synthesis in intact cells. DSPE  PEG conjugated Doxorubicin can be used to make pegylated liposome that prolongs the circulation time of doxorubicin in blood.

Product Specifications:

  • Form: Powder
  • Color: Red
  • Solubility: Soluble in chloroform
  • Type: bioactive phospholipid


  • Store at -20 0C. Protect from light.