DMPE PEG Streptavidin Cat. No. SV1-DMP5k 1 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


DMPE PEG Streptavidin

Cat. No. SV1-DMP5k
Unit Size 1 mg
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Synonym: Streptavind PEG DMPE, DMPE PEG5000 Stretpavidin


DMPE PEG Streptavidin (DPS) is one of Nanocs phospholipid PEG streptavidin conjugates that can be used for lipid bilayer membrane surface modification and engineering. Our DMPE PEG5000 Streptavidin has been successfully used as a extraceluar vesicles (EVs) and exosomes membrane anchoring platform  that enhanced cellular uptake of modified vesicles (Antes et al. J. Nanobiotechnol (2018) 16:61). DMPE is a saturated glycerol phospholipid that can easily embed into lipid bilayer membrane of extracellular vesicle or exosomes while streptavidin serves as an anchoring molecule that can bind to biotinylated fluorophores, targeting peptides, antibodies and other biotinylated ligands.

Product Specifications:

  • Appearance (form): Buffered solution or lyophilized powder
  • Appearance (color): Colorless
  • Lipid type: 14 C saturated glycerol phospholipid (DMPE)
  • Functional ligand: streptavidin
  • Tageting ligand: Biotinylated molecules, dyes, peptide, nucleic acid, etc.
  • Applications: Lipid membrane anchoring, targeting, modification and engineering


  • Store at 4 0C or lower.


  • Antes et al. J. Nanobiotechnol (2018) 16:61 "Targeting extracellular vesicles to injured tissue using membrane cloaking and surface display."