Actin from rabbit muscle, SF546 labeled Cat. No. AN-SF546-1 50 ug修饰性聚乙二醇


Actin from rabbit muscle, SF546 labeled

Cat. No. AN-SF546-1
Unit Size 50 ug
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Actin, Sun Fluor SF546 Labeled

Synonym: Sun Fluor 546 labeled Actin, SF546 actin

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Product Description:

Actin is a microfilament protein that plays an important role in cell functions. Actin usally has two forms: a globular free monomer called G-actin and a linear microfilament call F-actin. Both forms participates in many important cellular processes including muscle contraction, cell motility, signaling and maintenance of cell junctionals and shape. Nanocs Sun FluorTM 546 (SF546) labeled actin is a red fluorescent actin conjugate that has excitation/emission wavelength at 546/576 nm. SF546 labeled actin is a red light excitable fluorescent conjugate can be easily detected by fluorescent instruments in Rhodamine channel. All our actin conjugates were purified by size chromatography to remove non-conjugated molecules and ensure adequate applications both in-vitro and in-vivo.

Product Specifications:

  • Actin source: Rabbit Muscle.
  • 2~5 SF546 on each Actin molecule.
  • Molecular weight: ~44 kD
  • Actin SF546 conjugates provided either in water solution or dried powder;

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at 4-8 0C. Protect from light.

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