Agarose beads, thiol functional Cat. No. AR-TH-1 4B 5 mL修饰性聚乙二醇


Agarose beads, thiol functional

Cat. No. AR-TH-1
Specification 4B
Unit Size 5 mL
Price $485.00

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Thiol functional agarose beads from Nanocs are intended to reduce disulfide bonds in biomolecules easily and efficiently. Unlike common disulfide bond reducing reagents, such as DTT, TCEP, our thiol functional agarose beads have free thiol groups covalently linked to the agarose surface and they can reduce disulfide bonds on the bead surface without any separation issue. These activated beads have free sulfhydryl groups that can also be used to attached various bio-ligands covalently to the bead surface. Covalently linked ligands offer high stability and are suitable for various biomolecule purification, capturing and assay. Nanocs surface modified agarose beads provide more choices than any other companies in this field. Customer conjugation and modification is available upon request.


  • Thiol group density: 500~800 umol/mL gel;
  • Reduction density: 5~10 mg IgG/mL gel;
  • Composition: Suspension in aqueous solution, 20-30% ethanol;

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at 2~8 0C. DO NOT FREEZE. Beads may need regenerate before use.
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