Magnetic Nanobeads M50, Protein A/G labeled Cat. No. M50-PAG-1 50~80 nm 1 mL修饰性聚乙二醇


Magnetic Nanobeads M50, Protein A/G labeled

Cat. No. M50-PAG-1
Specification 50~80 nm
Unit Size 1 mL
Price $425.00

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M50TMmagnetic nanobeads conjugated with Protein A/G are one of Nanocs’ multifunctional super paramagnetic beads that can be used for antibody detection, caputure and purification. Protein A/G is a recommbinant protein with high binding affinity toward IgG. Protein A/G conjugated M50TM magnetic nanobeads thus can be used to recognize and bind to immunoglobin antibodies. The average size of our protein A/G magnetic nanobeads is around 60 nm with size distribution in the range of 50-80 nm. These magnetic nanoparticles have iron oxide core over coated by special biocompatible polymers and make them well suited for biomedical applications. Unlike large magnetic beads, those small magnetic nanoparticles have very small particle size and they can be used directly for antibody separation without disturbing or disrupting regular cell development process. On the other hand, unlike very small magnetic nanoparticles, our M50TM magnetic nanobeads can be extracted by magnet without need magnetic column, a big advantage for fast and convenient biomolecule or cell labeling and separation.

Prodcut Specifications:

  • Composition: M50TMMagnetic Nanobeads, Protein A/G conjugate;
  • Appearance: Brownish to dark brown solution;
  • Particle Size: 50~80 nm;
  • Concentration: ~2×1015 particles/mL;
  • Functional ligand: Protein A/G;

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at 4-8 0C. Do not freeze.

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