Thiol PEG Aminooxy Cat. No. PG2-AOTH-5k 5000 Da 25 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


Thiol PEG Aminooxy

Cat. No. PG2-AOTH-5k
Specification 5000 Da
Unit Size 25 mg
Price $485.00

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Similar names: Aminooxy PEG Thiol, Oxyamine PEG Thiol, HS-PEG-ONH2, Thiol PEG Oxyamine

Thiol PEG Aminooxy (HS-PEG-ONH2) is one of Nanocs heterobifunctional crosslinker PEGs that has a free thiol/sulfhydryl group on one end of PEG terminus and an aminooxy (-ONH2) functional group on the other PEG  terminus. Thiol group can bind to gold and other surface,  it can also react with many thiol reaction groups such as maleimide. Aminooxy group (-ONH2), on the other hand, can react with carbonyl groups with good stability. PEG linker between thiol and aminooxy offers better solublity and reduced steric hindrance.

Product specifications:

  • Form: Solid powder or semi-solid depends on molecular weight of PEG;
  • Functional groups: Sulfhydryl (-SH) and aminooxy (-ONH2);
  • Reactive to: Maleimide, metal surface, etc and carbonyl;
  • Solubility: Soluble in aqueous solution;


  • Store at -20 0C.
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