PEGylated Drug Candidate

Utopbio’s vision is to be an science company, providing innovative materials and technology to partner with our customers on current treatment improvement and new therapeutics development for improved patient treatment quality and better human health.

Utopbio partners with our customers and collaborators to create value through:

  • Provide innovative products to enable technology advancement and differentiation
  • Extend services to accelerate novel treatment development and evaluation (conjugation chemistry, product separation and characterization, drug candidate evaluation)
  • Focus on efficiency and result to maximize return of customer’s investments

In addtion, we can provide drug candidate evaluation phase including:

  • To measure biologics’ activity and to determine half-life extension.
  • The results may be subsequently used to guide and optimize the pegylation on PEG derivative selection, conjugation site and degree of pegylation.
  • Scale-up production of hundreds of miligram to gram levels of target products.
  • Pegylation product characterization (method development for degree of pegylation, precise characterization of conjugation

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