Novel Y-shape Poly(ethylene glycol)

Novel Y-shape poly(ethylene glycol) with the functional group at only one terminal (out of three branch chains) is developed on the basis of V-shape PEGs to enhance below performance attributes:

  • Ease of pegylation vs traditional branched structure:Relatively, 2-arm (or V-shape) traditional branched PEG has greater steric hindrance in pegylation, when compared to Y-shape PEG molecule where the distance between the functional group and the branch point can be regulated to balance the steric effect and the reactivity.
  •  Branched structure can provide an “umbrella-like” protective coverage around protein surface and maintain the reactivity of protein drugs in vivo effectively. Now, our Y-shape product is one of the popular products preferred by our customers in exploring differentiation in next-generation drug designs.

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