TCO PEG Biotin Cat. No. PG2-BNTC-5k 5000 Da 5 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


TCO PEG Biotin

Cat. No. PG2-BNTC-5k
Specification 5000 Da
Unit Size 5 mg
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TCO PEG Biotin, MW 5000


TCO PEG Biotin is a bifunctional TCO PEG derivative that has a terminal biotin group. TCO (transcyclooctene) group reacts with tetrazine group fast and efficiently while biotin can be used to bind to avidin or streptavidin. The reaction of TCO and tetrazine is a bioorthogaonal reaction that enables the conjugation of two molecules in aqueous solution fast and efficiently. PEG TCO derivatives have excellent water solubility, possess fast kinetics and stability in aqueous buffer. They are one of the best pegylation reagents to modify proteins, peptides, antibodies, biopolymers and particles via copper free Click Chemistry reaction.

Product Specifications:

  • Appearance: White solid;
  • Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol, DMSO, etc.;
  • Reactivity: TCO reacts with tetrazine.


  • Store at -20 0C; Desiccate; Avoid frequent thaw and freeze.
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