Alexa fluor 488 PEG Biotin Cat. No. PG2-AF488BN-3k 3400 Da 5 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


Alexa fluor 488 PEG Biotin

Cat. No. PG2-AF488BN-3k
Specification 3400 Da
Unit Size 5 mg
Price $385.00

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Alexa fluor 488 PEG Biotin Description:

Alexa fluor 488 labeled PEG Biotin (AF488 PEG Biotin is a green fluorescent PE biotin derivative having excitation/emission wavelength around 495 nm/520 nm. Alexa fluor 488 is a green fluorescent dye with high fluorescent intensity and excellent photo stability. Alexa fluor 488 has similar excitation/emission profile with fluorescein, however, unlike fluorescein, fluorescent intensity of alexa fluor 488 is insensitive to pH environment and it is more stable in both acidic and basic environment. Alexa fluor 488 PEG biotin offered by Nanocs is a water soluble fluorescent biotin PE that can be used directly in aqueous buffer without need adding toxic organic solvents.

Physical Properties:

  • Brick red solid or viscous liquid depends on molecule weight;
  • Soluble in regular aqeous solution as well as most organic solvents;

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at -20 0C, desiccate. Protect from light. Avoid frequent thaw and freeze.
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