PEGylation of alpha-momorcharin: synthesis and characterization of novel anti-tumor conjugates with therapeutic potential

Alpha-momorcharin (α-MMC) is a ribosome-inactivating protein (RIP) with excellent cytotoxicity to tumor cells. However, its strong immunogenicity and short plasma half-life limit its clinical applications. To overcome this, we have to PEGylated α-MMC using a branched 20 kDa (mPEG) 2-Lys-NHS. Homogeneous mono-, di- and tri-PEGylated α-MMCs were synthesized, purified and characterized. In vitro and in vivo analysis indicated that the serial PEG-conjugates preserved moderate anti-tumor activity with 36% acute toxicity and at most 66% immunogenicity decrease. These results suggested the potential application of α-MMC-PEG conjugates as an anti-tumor agent.

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