Polylysine PEG Conjugate Cat. No. PG5k-PLY 5000 Da 5 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


Polylysine PEG Conjugate

Cat. No. PG5k-PLY
Specification 5000 Da
Unit Size 5 mg
Price $385.00

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PLL-g-PEG5000 is one of Nanocs Poly-L-lysine PEG conjugates made from the covalent attachment of PEG5000 to the poly-L-lysine molecule via its amino groups. PLL-g-PEG5000 conjugate is provided either in aqueous solution or lyophilized powder form. There is typically one PEG5000 molecule attached to every four poly-L-lysine monomers. Average molecular weight of poly-L-ysine is 25 kD. PLL-g-PEG is a water soluble and positively charged PEG conjugate that can be used for gene transfection as well as surface treatment.

Physical Properties:

  • Form: Aqueous solution or lyophilized powder form;
  • Color: Colorless;
  • PEG type: 5000 Da PEG;
  • PLL type: 25 kD Poly-L-lysine;
  • Conjugation ratio: 1 PEG per 4 PLL monomers;

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at 4-8 0C.
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