Desthiobiotin PEG NHS Cat. No. PG2-DSBNS-5k 5000 Da 5 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


Desthiobiotin PEG NHS

Cat. No. PG2-DSBNS-5k
Specification 5000 Da
Unit Size 5 mg
Price $325.00

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Desthiobiotin PEG NHS is one of Nanocs’ reactive desthiobiotin PEG crosslinkers that can react with primary amine groups. Desthiobiotin is a modified version of biotin. Compared to biotin, desthiobiotin binds to streptavidin, avidin or neutraviain with lower affinity and thus it can be eluted under milder conditions (i.e., by competitive displacement with regular, free biotin). As such, desthiobiotin reagent is a useful alternative to Biotin for avidin-biotin techniques in which nondenaturing elution of the labeled proteins is desired. Succinimidyl ester (NHS) reacts specifically and efficiently with primary amine group (-NH2) at alkaline pH to form a stable amide bond. Reaction between NHS and amine allows quick and efficient conjugation of desthiobiotin tag to proteins, antibodies and other biomolecules. Resulted desthibiotin conjugates can be used for bioassay development, biomolecule separation and purification. PEG linker between desthiobiotin and maleimide offers better water solubility, reduced steric hindrance and enhanced stability.

Physical Properties:

  • Off-white/white solid;
  • Soluble in water, DMSO or DMF;
  • Reactive group: Succinimidyl ester (NHS);
  • Reactive toward: Primary amine (-NH2).

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at -20 0C. Desiccate. Avoid frequent thaw and freeze.
  • SDS
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