Lipopolysacharides, Rhodamine labeled Cat. No. LPS-RB-1 1 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


Lipopolysacharides, Rhodamine labeled

Cat. No. LPS-RB-1
Unit Size 1 mg
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Lipopolysaccharide, Rhodamine B Conjugate


Rhodamine B labeled lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is one of red fluorescent LPS conjugates from Nanocs. Nanocs offers several fluorescent conjugates of lipopolysaccharides from Escherichia coli and Salmonella minnesota. LPS, also called endotoxins, are complex macromolecules present on the outer cell walls of gram-negative bacteria. Our fluoresent LPS allow researchers to follow binding, transport and cell internalization processes of LPS. We provides a variety of fluorescently labeled and other functional LPS conjugates, which include Fluorescein (FITC, FAM) LPS, Rhodamine (TRITC, TMR, TAMRA) LPS, Cy3 LPS, Cy5 LPS, Biotin LPS and many other multifunctional LPS products. If you have needs for any special LPS products not listed here, please call us and let we make for you!


  • 1~5 Rhodamine B dyes on each LPS molecule.
  • Lipopolysaccharide Rhodamine B conjugates provided either in water solution and dried powder;

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at 4 0C. Protect from light.

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