Ovalbumin, Alexa Fluor 680 labeled Cat. No. OVA1-AF680-1 1 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


Ovalbumin, Alexa Fluor 680 labeled

Cat. No. OVA1-AF680-1
Unit Size 1 mg
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Alexa fluor 680 OVA conjugate (OVA-AF680) is one of Nanocs' fluorescent ovalbumin conjugates. Alexa fluor 680 is a strong near infrared fluorescent dye that has excitation/emission wavlength around 678 nm/695 nm. Alexa fluor 680 labeled OVA conjugate can be used for in-vivo imaging applications. Ovalbumin (abbreviated OVA) is the main protein found in egg white. Fluorescent ovalbumin conjugates can be used in the study of protein structure, proteomics and immunology. Nanocs provides a variety of functionalized and bioconjugated ovalbumin conjugates.These labeled ovalbumin products were purified by size exclusion chromatography to remove non-conjugated molecules and ensure adequate applications both in-vitro and in-vivo.


  • Form: Aqueous buffered solution or lyophylized powder;
  • Color: Blue;
  • Substrate: Albumin from egg white;
  • Dye type: Near infrared fluorescent dye;
  • Ex/Em wavelength: 678/695 nm;
  • Labeling ratio: 5-10 dye molecules per OVA.

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at 4 0C. Protect from light.