RnFast Viral Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit Cat. No. RN-M-K-50 50 prep修饰性聚乙二醇


RnFast Viral Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit

Cat. No. RN-M-K-50
Unit Size 50 prep
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Product Description:

RnFastTM is a rapid viral nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) isolation kit developed from Nanocs’ GenMagTM magnetic separation platform. RnFast kit allows quick and easy isolation of DNA or RNA from virus and other samples such as cultured animal cells, tissue samples, blood, plasma, serum, bacteria, yeast, fungi and plants; RnFast kit comprises several components that offer high purification efficiency, quick isolation time and low toxicity. Our kit does not use toxic phenol or chloroform, and no cost spin columns, just buffer solutions and reagents. The kit purifies all sizes of DNA and RNA, from large mRNA and ribosomal RNA down to microRNA (miRNA) and small interfering RNA (siRNA). The purified RNA is of the highest integrity, and can be used in a number of downstream applications including real time PCR, RT PCR, Northern blotting, and expression array assays.

Key Advantages:

  • Rapid isolation and purification time, 30 min or less;
  • Simple operation process, easy to use;
  • Low cost reagents for resource  limited setting use;
  • Magnetic separation amendable for high throughput, large scale automatic separation.

RnFastTM enables rapid purification of nucleic acids from various clinical samples with easy operation. This kit utilizes low cost, non-toxic reagents that provide high isolation efficiency, low cost and minimal toxic substance exposure. Because of its low cost and magnetic separation modular, RnFastTM can be easily scaled up for large scale, automatic high throughput isolation and purification for large number of viral samples.

Kit Contents:

  • Sample lysis and binding LB buffer, 25 mL;
  • Nucleic acid binding GenMag magnetic particle solution, MPS, 1mL, 50 preps;
  • Sample wash solution, WB, 25 mL;
  • Nucleic acid elution solution, RE, 5 mL;

User Protocol:

  • 1. Sample Lysis: Add 600 uL of LB Buffer to an RNase-free microcentrifuge tube. Gently brush a sterile, single-use cotton swab inside the nose or mouth of the subject. Using sterile techniques cut the cotton tip where the nasal or throat cells were collected and place into the microcentrifuge tube containing the LB Buffer. Close the tube. Vortex gently and incubate for 5 minutes at room temperature. 
  • 2. Nuleic acid Binding: Using a pipette, transfer the lysate into another RNase-free microcentrifuge tube. Shake Magnetic particle MP solution well, add 30 uL MP solution to lysate tube, mix well, and incubate 8 min at room temperature. Particles were separated with a regular magnet, and the supernatant was withdrawn by a pipette.
  • 3. Particle Washing: 500 ul of WB is added to the tube, vortex the particles. After 8 min incubation at room temperature, separates the particles by magnet and the supernatant is withdrawn. Repeat washing step one more time with 1 min incubation.
  • 4. Nucleic acid Elution and Recovery: After removal of the washing solution, 100-200 uL of elution buffer RE is added and incubated at room temperature for 10 min. Separate the particles with magnet and eluate is transferred to a fresh RNase-free tube.
  • 5. Nucleic Acid Storage: The purified nucleic acid sample may be stored at –20 0C for a few days. It is recommended that samples be placed at –80 0C for long term storage.

Storage Conditions:

  • We recommend storing Magnetic particle soution at 4 0C. All other kit reagents and components can be stored at room temperature (15-30 0C).