Transferrin, Rhodamine labeled Cat. No. TF1-RB-1 1 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


Transferrin, Rhodamine labeled

Cat. No. TF1-RB-1
Unit Size 1 mg
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Transferrin, Rhodamine B/TAMRA labeled

Synonym: TMR transferrin, Tetramethyl rhodamine transferrin

Similar products: TRITC transferrin, Rhodamine B transferrin, SF546 transferrin, Alexa fluor 546 transferrin


Rhodamine B labeled transferrin

is one of fluorescent transferrin conjugates provided by Nanocs. Rhodamine B transferrin is a red fluorescent transferrin conjugate with excitation/emission wavelength around 544 nm/ 576 nm. Nanocs also provides a variety of fluorescent transferrin conjugates including FITC transferrin, Cy3 transferrin, Cy5 transferrin, Cy5.5 transferrin, etc. These functional transferrin products were purified by size chromatography to remove non-conjugated molecules and ensure adequate applications both in-vitro and in-vivo. Customer conjugation of transferrin available upon request.


  • Labeling ratio: 2~7 Rhodamine dyes on each transferrin molecule.
  • rhodamine B labeled Transferrin conjugates provided either in water solution or dried powder;

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at 4 0C. Protect from light.